Benchmark update (Review Update in Polish)

Marcin Jaskólski is back, taking a look at some news from ArmigaOS 0.8, like AGA support.

The review includes video.




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The Game Show (Video Review)


Matt Bateman takes a look at the Amiga and walks us through the menu and its functions.




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The Game Show review
Nerdando review (Review in Italian)


After taking a first look at the Armiga, Maurizio Coró does a more in-depth analysis of the Armiga for the Italian publication




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Retrogralnia (Review in Polish)


Jakub Rzepecki makes a complete review of the Armiga for the Polish website




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RetroGralnia review review (review in Polish)


Review of the Armiga Full Edition inside and out!.

The Armiga gets the “Good product” and “Super retro” badges!




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WIRED (Review in Italian)


Riccardo Meggiato reviews one of our prototypes for WIRED Italy, with the title “Il ritorno dell’Amiga, grazie a un emulatore”.




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Indie Retro News (Hardware Review)

An Amiga 500 in a matchbox? The Armiga pulls it off! ( Hardware Review )
This is the title of the review made by Bas Van de Wiel. He gives us a 7 out of 10 and the review was made with old software version and he did not take in mind about the virtual mouse and keyboard.


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Clubic (Video review in French)

With the title “Présentation de l’Armiga, l’Amiga qui tient dans la poche!”, Francis Niochaut presents The Armiga.


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Game Connections (Interview)

Interview with The Armiga Project. We recently caught up with our friends at the Armiga Project who are attempting to bring back the glory days of the 80’s with a small form factor Armiga, which is based on the hugely popular Commodore Amiga. They have…

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Re-Inventing the wheel, retro style! is a lon interview made by Olly023 for RGG.

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