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Armiga running Another World

The great Commodore Amiga 500 classic Another World runs smoothly on the Armiga. This video is outdated. Our new UI is much better and easy to use, but it shows the features and the speed of the emulator.

The first Armiga Review

This is a review made by Bas Van de Wiel, buyer of the Armiga Small Sized Edition. As you can read in the comments, the review does not consider that  the Armiga comes with one virtual mouse and one virtual keyboard, so you can handle almost everything by using a gamepad and only one USB port.


You can read the review here.

Thanks a lot Bas.

Some compatible gamepads

There are a lot of compatible gamepads for the Armiga. You can manage almost any Commodore Amiga 500 game and our emulator and menu by using one of these gamepads.


We have tested these:

SUBSONIC PRO CONTROLLER WIRED. This gamepad works very well. The only trick is to use digital buttons while in the Armiga Menu.


GXT 24 COMPACT GAMEPAD. This gamepad works well in analog and digital mode within games. In the Armiga menu you have to disable analog mode and use digital buttons. It is small and portable, not very good for big hands.


NGS HORNET. This works well but has not analog controls.


SNES Retro USB Super For Nintendo Controller. The pad has not a great quality but it does the work.

51tMvgnxUgL._SL1000_More coming soon.

Changing Android Launcher

The Armiga includes dual boot:

  • Armiga OS when microSD card is inserted
  • Android booted from NAND when there is not microSD

Our Commodore Amiga 500 Emulator does NOT run on Android. Android is only a plus of the Armiga.

This video shows how to change the Launcher: