Armiga Update:

To update your Armigaplease go through this instructions and read them carefully:
  1. Connect to your Armiga through the network (please check the user guide in our web for instructions on how to do this).
    • Alternatively, with your Armiga turned off and unplugged from the AC, remove the micoSD card by pressing it until you hear a “click” and then pulling it gently.
    • Insert it into the provided microSD-to-SD adapter and insert it into any card reader plugged to a computer.
  2. Download the file linked in this mail and copy it into the /Upgrade folder in your SD card (DO NOT RENAME THE FILE)
  3. Reboot your Armiga.
    • Alternatively, if you have extracted the microSD card from the Armiga:
    • When copy has finished, safely eject the SD card and remove it from the reader.
    • Remove the microSD card from the microSD-to-SD adapter by gently pulling.
    • With your Armiga turned off and unplugged from the AC, insert the microSD back into the Armiga by carefully pushing it until you hear a “click”.
    • Plug the Armiga to the AC and it will boot and update automatically.
You can download the update it using this link:

ArmigaOS v0.9 update file

If you run into any issue, please contact us.

Armiga User Guide: ARMIGA User Guide 0.9 – English

Armiga Reflashing:


Please before proceding read carefully this guide: UpdateSDCardManual.pdf

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Before restoring the SD card, please plug it into a PC and backup your games and covers.
You can download Armiga OS v0.9b here: ArmigaOSv0.9bDownload
IMPORTANT NOTICE: Try 7zip  to decompress the downloaded image if you are having errors when extracting with winrar.
Please keep in mind:
  • Always use the provided SD card (we cannot guarantee other SD card behavior).
  • Do NEVER repair (in Windows) or format the SD card.
  • The SD card has a non windows structure, so you can damage it if you try to use more space.

How to plug your ARMIGA

We’ve found that in some cases, the power connector is very tight and does not plug correctly, unless a bit of extra force is used. You must use the Armiga with the provided power adapter and cable.





HDMI and power connection

The connector of the HDMI cable is now thicker than before, so the connection is now very tight. You can change the provided HDMI cable with another one with a thinner connector, or just plug it in this way:

How to make ADF Files (Only Full Edition)

Armiga works by dumping the disk (non-copy protected) and making it available as an .adf file. Once the Armiga is fully on, insert a disk and listen close to the Armiga. You should hear “tack” sounds every 2 seconds. This means the unit is dumping the disk. This process takes around 2 minutes and once done, you’ll see a “V” mark beside the self created files menu section. Take in mind that you have to get out of the Self Made ADF Menu in order to view the “V” mark and the new created image (another menu option have to be highlighted).

If the Armiga does not create the image, the read has failed, so you have to switch off the armiga (not reset). This is the right procedure when a dump fails:

Switch off (do not reboot), eject the disk (if inserted), switch on the armiga, after some seconds you should hear a sound the floppy drive is positioning. Wait for the menu and then insert the disk. Here you can get these situations:

  1. A tack tack is produced every 2 seconds (you can feel it with your hand) After 2:45 minutes you will hear a long sound from floppy drive and a blue stick shows that a new image have been done (make sure you have not selected “Self made ADF” menu, other menu has to be selected in order to show the blue stick).
  2. The tack tack sound stops before the 2:45 minutes. In this case you have to switch off (no restarting)  the Armiga, eject the disk and switch it on again. Try again. This could requiere 3-5 times with some disks.
  3.  After 2:45 minutes you will hear a long sound from floppy and there is no blue stick neither image inside “Self adf menu” (make sure you are in another menu option like settings and then go back to “self adf menu”). Probably the disk is not readable due to age. You should try it 3-5 times.