Product Features

The machine, which we call, the Armiga, is a beautiful piece of modern technology. It’s built around a modern Dual Core ARM CPU, that plays together with our custom made floppy controller. This is the key of the machine: We’ve developed our own controller, able of reading Amiga disks, decode them and make them available for executing. Sounds simple, right? The base Armiga aims to emulate the original Amiga 500 with 1MB of RAM as close as possible to the original one. And for you not to get your hands dirty, a fully legal copy of Kickstart 1.3 is provided with every Armiga!

HDMI Output

Games are displayed over HDMI at 720p. Screen modes: 16:9, 4:3 and non-linear

Custom Floppy Controller

The controller allows to make dumps of your unprotected disks directly to ADF images

micro SD Card and USB support

New games in ADF format can be easily added through a computer by using the provided SD Card Adapter. The Armiga also supports USB devices: flash drives, gamepads, keyboards, mouses

Dual Boot

The Armiga OS starts up from SD Card. Android 4.2.2 comes loaded on NAND, so when you’re not playing you can have all the power of Android with Internet features. The Armiga includes an ethernet port

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Graphical Menu

Simple and elegant, with usability as main focus. It allows the load of games from self ADF images made from floppies, ADF images from SD Card and USB.

Game Browser

With Armiga you can easily browse and manage your collection of games and add covers to them. You will need only a computer with a SD card reader. It´s as easy as drag and drop. You can also use a USB flash drive and browse your game collection.

Optimized Software and Savestates

The Armiga OS has been optimized for the ARM core, allowing graphics up to 720p and perfect sound capabilities without user intervention. It also allows to save games any point by using the savestate option, including those that don’t allow to save. A fully legal copy of Kickstart 1.3 is provided with every Armiga!

Automatic Updates

To add more features and improvements just plug your Armiga to the Internet or place the update file into the micro SD card.

Virtual Mouse and Keyboard

The Armiga includes one virtual mouse and one virtual keyboard. So with only one pad connected to one USB port, you can handle everything within games. There is no need to connect a physical keyboard or mouse to it.

Graphic Filters and Screen Modes

We made ARMIGA fully configurable so that you can choose your favorite configuration. 

Graphic Filters



Non linear

3D Printed Case

Non FDD Version

If you don’t mind about floppies, you can get one small and more portable version